Our Story

“Born out of the passion for finer things in life, for decadent French lingerie that will bring you on a feisty discovery of femininity both inside and out. Je suis Chomelisse.”

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to lingerie. Going beyond a piece of fabric, lingerie has the transformative power to evoke the confidence, sensuality and empowerment known to a woman who realises her potential and is deserving of the finest things in life.

With a diverse selection of quality French lingerie labels, Chomelisse is just what a woman needs to embrace her inner femininity. Bringing original gems from the fashion houses of Parisian lingerie makers to women across Asia, Chomelisse delivers uncompromised quality and alluring designs for your everyday celebration of self to memorable moments to remember.

Committed to beauty for a better tomorrow, Chomelisse strives to partner with French lingerie houses that are eco-friendly, responsible and dedicated to the celebration of diversity and inclusion in women, and the sustainability of communities and the environment.

Come and experience a je ne sais quoi like never before – distinctive, one-of-kind, elegant, and sexy yet comfortable at all levels in a class of its own. It’s our little piece of l’amour courtois from Paris to you.

Discover effortless femininity and sensual sophistication, only with Chomelisse